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History of St. Francis Episcopal School

The St. Francis Episcopal School is a member of the Southeast Association of Episcopal Schools in the Diocese of Texas. The school is licensed through the Texas Department Health and Human Services and an accredited member of the Southeast Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES).


St. Francis School was always intended to be a community school offering a preparatory background for young children anticipating entrance into area schools; this intention existed while the current church facilities were being planned. Dr. and Mrs. Compton Broders, The Rev. Robert Bonner and members of the building and Bishops committees conceived the school's plan in 1969. The school opened  in September 1971.

St. Francis continues to be a leader in the education of children in Central Texas. We instill a love of learning, shaping our outstanding students into the future leaders of our beloved community.


St. Francis Episcopal School is an outreach of St. Francis Episcopal Church. It is governed by the St. Francis Episcopal School Board under the supervision of the Rector and Church Vestry. The School Board consists of elected members from the church, the Rector, school parents and a vestry representative.

St. Francis School is open to students of any race, color, nationality, religion or ethnic group.

St. Francis Episcopal Church

By the Grace of God, we love, worship and serve Christ, making Him known in our daily lives.

St. Francis has been serving the Temple community since 1966. Our community, worship, outreach, and education ministries are designed for people in any stage of their spiritual journey. Anyone is welcome at St. Francis, no matter their religious background or tradition.

A 10% tuition discount is offered to church members in good standing.

Our Mission

The mission of St. Francis Episcopal Church is to love, worship, serve, and make Christ known in our daily lives.

Rector: Fr. David Krause

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Contact the Church at:
Main: 254-773-4255
Fax: 254-771-5676

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