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​2-Year-Old Class (3-Day)

Our Two's program uses the Frogstreet Toddler Curriculum that will grow right along with your child. Our curriculum offers differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Creating a hands-on learning environment, little minds have the freedom to explore the world of learning while in the comfort of a loving, nurturing and structured classroom. School days are designed with intention and purpose to move children forward in their development while also setting the ground work for school expectations in a fun, positive atmosphere.

​3-Year-Old Class (3-Day or 5-Day)

Our three-year-old class builds on the skills taught in the Two's class through a study-based curriculum that centers lessons around developmental concepts and vocabulary with the use of classical children's literature. In addition to the new vocabulary, skills, and concepts that are introduced with the readings, instructional games are used to teach concrete concepts that can easily be related directly to the real world. This is all integrated with basic letter and number recognition, simple math concepts, and problem solving techniques that are taught through art, science, music and discovery play. It is our mission to build a strong sense of self for our threes by encouraging responsibility and pride in their accomplishments.

4-Year-Old Class (3-Day or 5-Day)

The Four's class will continue to set a solid foundation of readiness skills for emerging readers with the Frogstreet Pre-K Curriculum which is centered around a joyful approach to learning. Encompassing an extensive integration of theme, disciplines, and domains; Frogstreet also includes social and emotional development through techniques devised by Dr. Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline Math in Focus, a math program also used in our Kindergarten class. This program creates math reasoning skills and number sense by using engaging, hands-on activities and manipulating that to inspire independent learning. Dramatic play, creative art, developing imaginations and refinement of fine motor skills are also integrated into the curriculum.

Junior Kindergarten Class (5-Day)


Our Jr. Kindergarten program is a vital step for students not quite ready to make the leap into a Kindergarten program. Considered a transitional time of instruction, our Jr. Kindergarten class works by creating an environment where students can develop skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten. Whether it be academic, gross/fine motor development, emotional and social maturity or attention span, Jr. Kindergarten is equipped to help each student with the gift of time and a certified instructor to assist them with growth in the area that meets their needs.

Kindergarten Class (5-Day)


A half day Kindergarten program, we hold true to the traditional values of Kindergarten without losing the integrity of the curriculum. Abiding by the Texas Education Agency and following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills guidelines, our Kindergartens are well prepared for whichever educational journey they take after leaving St. Francis. We use Saxon Phonics curriculum as well as whole word instruction using Big Books and fundamental guided reading activities to create a well-rounded reading program.

Math in Focus, an authentic Singapore Math Curriculum, is a program with problem solving as the center of math learning and concepts taught with a concrete, pictorial and abstract learning progression through real-world, hands-on experiences. Supporting all the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, this program beautifully balances conceptual understanding, visual learning and problem solving. 

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